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Our plumbers in Lubbock, TX and Midland, TX are standing by around the clock

There are some plumbing repairs that you can do yourself. But if you're not confident making those repairs or you don't know what parts you need, turn to Bees Knees Service Company LLC of Midland & Lubbock, TX for assistance. We have 24/7 plumbers on standby to diagnose the issue fast.

Connect with a virtual plumber right away by using our app. From there, we can walk you through the plumbing repair process or send a plumber to your location to resolve the issue.

Common plumbing problems that you can fix yourself

Our 24/7 plumbers in Midland & Lubbock, TX can fix...

Clogged drains by cleaning out blockages
Busted water heaters by performing maintenance
Malfunctioning pumps by replacing worn-out parts

To help you save money, we can teach you how to resolve these issues yourself. Schedule virtual plumbing services at your convenience.